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How to Build Value for Our Home Builders

Even in the great housing market we are enjoying, we may have trouble differentiating ourselves from other builders. Some may be asking why we even need to bother. That’s so 2019 of you, right? I get it, when we are selling finished homes and inventories are so low, it almost doesn’t matter whether we share…

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We’re Live at the Virtual International Builders’ Show 2021!

The time has come to roll up your sleeves and dig into the many learning opportunities at the Virtual International Builders’ Show 2021. During this online event, you can have access to the many Education Sessions that are up and running right now. For our part, we have TWO exciting sessions available: Coaching Secrets From…

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Roland Shares His 5 Steps to Building Trust with ECI|Lasso

So, no one could have predicted what was in store for us in 2020, as we had quite literally never gone through anything like this before. Fortunately for all of us in the new home industry, we have enjoyed an unexpected housing boom due to a combination of people’s dissatisfaction with their current situation amplified…

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We Invite YOU to Join Us VIRTUALLY

“I have been in new construction since 1989 and have taken many sales courses and can honestly say that Roland’s New Home Sales + is by far the best. The information is relevant and wonderfully delivered. This is an essential course for anyone in the industry.“ Jeff Knox MIRM, Owner, Sterling Homes Inc.  (December 2020)…

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Hear From Our MasterMinds: What It’s Like to be a Part of New Home Sales Plus’ Management MasterMind Group

 Last year, we established our Management Mastermind Group, where like-minded, highly motivated sales managers and directors with all levels of experience from our exclusive home builders coaching groups collaborate towards the common goal of excelling in new home sales. Since we began, our group of masterminds has been growing and our quarterly meetings have been…

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Video Spotlight: A New Homes Sales Star is Born

Every now and again, as a sales coach, you meet a salesperson who is not only eager to learn and improve their sales process, but who has the uncanny ability to implement the training at a very high level, almost immediately.  Watch Logan Taylor’s virtuoso virtual video performance. This year, I had the great pleasure…

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