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Head to Head with Kimberly Mackey

April 13 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Every month or so, Kimberly Mackey sits down with top industry leaders and masterminds to have an in-depth discussion on the hot topics related to building your business, managing your pipeline, technology trends, sales and sales processes, and anything related to the overall customer experience.
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Not a webinar, not a podcast, just head to head, no holds barred discussions, where you can participate and get the answers to the questions you have about the evolution of new home sales and the homebuilding industry. This is your opportunity to be more than a fly on the wall when two industry masterminds get together!

Roland Nairnsey, president of New Home Sales Plus, is up on April 13th, when the topic will be, “Do They Really Care?” What parts of the traditional sales process are dead and which parts are still very much alive.

Live viewing is recommended so that you can interact and get your questions addressed; however, we will record them if you have to miss it, so you can still watch the recording.
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