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Mastery of Selling book cover

Mastery of Selling

A Definitive Guide to New Home Sales

I would highly recommend this book to anyone in the new home sales industry. Very well written and with loads of real-life examples and scenarios, this book will absolutely add to one's knowledge and expertise. The principles aren't just applicable to new homes sales & real estate, as anyone in the sales or customer service industry would benefit from this book. Excellent read!

Jenna Parker

Mastery of Selling book cover

Mastery of Negotiation

A Guide to the Art & Science of Negotiation

In "Mastery of Negotiation" acclaimed author Roland Nairnsey delves into the art and science of negotiation, offering readers an indispensable guide. Drawing on his extensive expertise as a seasoned negotiator and communication strategist, Nairnsey distills the principles, strategies, and psychological insights that underpin effective negotiation practices. Navigating through real-world scenarios, the book unveils actionable techniques for both beginners and experienced negotiators alike. Nairnsey explores the delicate balance between empathy and assertiveness, demonstrating how fostering strong relationships can pave the way for mutually beneficial agreements. With a focus on cultivating a growth mindset, readers are empowered to enhance their communication skills, adapt to various negotiation styles, and overcome common pitfalls, make more sales with higher profits.

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