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How We Do It

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“Roland has been the key consultant for three different major homebuilders I have held executive positions with; and has helped increase sales by over 34%.”

Jim Cramer, Novak Brother. Austin TX

From freshly minted Sales Managers to seasoned Sales and Marketing Directors, Roland coaches Managers all across the country to create replicable sales success. Here’s how he implements the training.

Roland follows a lineal process to ensure complete understanding of the necessary management systems sand process. Roland provides monthly management coaching with goals, action plans, accountability, and measurement. Initially the patented RATE system is used to discuss Recruiting, Accountability, Training and Evaluation.

However, Roland does not have a “one size fits all approach”, and based upon the various levels of experience, he embraces flexibility to ensure that he helps in the areas most needed by the various managers he coaches. He discusses what is working, what isn’t and what needs to be worked on, and ensures that he maintains momentum between meetings.

As well as scheduled monthly coaching Roland is available to his retainer client Managers to help them as issues arise. The Manager will contact New Home Sales Plus during business hours and Roland will contact them at his first availability to discuss items and help guide them until a successful resolution. Areas can include but not limited to:

  1. Signage. Sales Props and Collateral material Review and advice.
  2. Sales Office mapping – Whether you are in a model, a showcase home or at a Destination model park or Design Studio; Roland will work with you to create the ultimate sales path. This will ensure connection and control, as well as elevate the buying and most importantly increase sales.
  3. Campaigns to increase sales for Grand Openings, Grand Close Outs, Designer Showcase Homes etc.
  4. Compensation discussions, Incentives and Bonus plans.
  5. Sales People conflicts, cross selling, data base Lead retention etc.

….and much more.

“Roland has helped us interview and hire a championship winning sales team, who have helped us achieve and exceed our goals. He truly cares about us and wants the best for our team and company, and it shows.”

Matthew Petty, Alvarez Construction, Baton Rouge, LA

Roland believes in “ABR”, (Always Be Recruiting) and building bench strength for both optimizing model center coverage and maximizing sales, but also to be prepared when there are inevitable changes to the sales team. Roland has created a 12 step Recruiting process, which is available to all Retainer clients. This includes the actual Sample Ads, and phone interview questions, as well as a Sample questionnaire. For top candidates Roland will host a Zoom interview, after reviewing their DISC personality report, and then provide a detailed written overview of the interview, candidate, and suggested next steps. The result will be the development of a recruiting system wherein each builder will learn how to proactively develop and nurture their own new home sales talent. This allows each builder to sustain sales consistently by developing salespeople that enthusiastically follow our proven processes, and also increase loyalty to their builder. Roland has interviewed and helped hire and train thousands of sales people over the years, for builders across the USA. Including NAHB’s 2023 Salesperson of the Year and On line Sales Counsellor of the Year.

Roland Nairnsey and the New home sales plus team have created an extensive Library of resources that help with every facet of New Home Sales.

  • Traffic Report
    • How robust is your traffic report?
    • Are you measuring daily traffic and the source of traffic?
    • Are you looking at Leading indicators and proven predictors of upcoming success such as weekly
    • appointments with return guests, Realtor ® and OSC planned encounters and Hot prospects.
  • Community Checklists
  • Hot Prospect Forms
  • CONNECT form
  • Sample Sales office layouts with Sales props
  • Sales props and signage examples

Management Mastermind Group
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"I don’t know what I would do without Roland’s Mastermind Group! The opportunity to discuss best practices and brand-new practices with some of the best and brightest minds throughout our industry is invaluable. Even the most experienced New Home Sales Managers and Owners need training and assistance, especially with a market like ours that is evolving and shifting so quickly. Why weather the storm on your own, when you can glean wisdom from experienced Mastermind Members, including great tips about what works and doesn’t work when managing people, and trying out new tech."

Terri Smith, Director of Customer Experience, Bosgraaf Homes

Testimonial Author

"The Master Mind Group has been an invaluable resource for me as a sales leader. Roland and his team do a great job organizing our meetings and choosing relevant topics for our discussions. I feel like we’re all facing the same challenges in the industry right now but having this group of peers to discuss the challenges with has often led to an effective solution that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own."

Jason Harper, VP of Sales & Marketing, Hunter Quinn Homes

"Being part of the MMG group has been a great experience. Getting together via Zoom and in person sharing ideas has been so beneficial to everyone in the group. If anyone needs help with something, there is always a MMG member lending a helping hand. This group has helped me grow as a manager as well as grow our business."

Lisa Licata, Director of Sales & Marketing, Sterling Real Estate Group

Testimonial Author

"Being a part of the New Home Sales + Management Mastermind group for the last 2.5 years has been incredibly valuable. The ability to regularly brainstorm with other professionals, share knowledge and learn from and glean advice from others has saved a lot of time, energy, and money for my company. It has allowed us to quickly determine and implement the best solution to problems or obstacles when they arise, as more often than not, someone else the group has faced a similar situation and is willing and able to share their experience. The best practices of our company have improved due to the inspiration found from other builders, and I have never come away from a mastermind session without learning something new."

Jenna Parker, J.D., Director of Sales/Broker, Stevens Fine Homes

Testimonial Author

Roland realized that one of his greatest asset are all of the Builders and Managers that he has the pleasure of working with across North America every day. As a result he created a unique community of New Home Sales Masterminds. This exclusive Mastermind Group consists of Owners, Managers, Sales Directors and VP of Sales and Marketing from all over North America.

The MMG discuss topical items in live time via email. They share the latest trends, systems, and vendor experiences to help each learn for their in the Sales Trenches experiences. The MMG also enjoy:

  • Group video conferences - These are held three times per year, with pre-arranged topics prescient to the group at that time. Roland is the facilitator and encourages lively dialogue so that attendees can hear best practices and be part of an insightful and focused networking group.
  • Private Facebook MMG Page
  • Private networking reception at the International Builders Show
  • On site visit to a Builder in The MMG Group

We review their Communities, models, and sales processes, and include round table management group training with an outside guest speaker and consultant. Gourmet Meals, Cocktail reception, and transportation by bus, is provided by New Home Sales Plus; lodging is each participants responsibility. MMG was only created in 2018, yet so far we have been to Richmond, VA, Fargo ND, Charleston SC, and 2023 is in Wilmington NC.

After we help you transform your model experience, we would love to host this with your builder next year.

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“Roland has been the key consultant for three different major homebuilders I have held executive positions with; and has helped increase sales by over 34%.”