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How We Do It

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“Roland is an amazing trainer, he had me laughing and learning. His experience selling homes brought real depth and value to his techniques for the sales process. Often trainers’ experiences aren’t in the same industry or of current experience. Roland’s program is awesome, structured but fun!”

Heather Mansfield, Robuck Homes, Raleigh, NC

  • Roland visits in person meeting with the Sales Director(s), touring communities, models and showcase homes and getting a feel for the existing “Sales Experience”.
  • That evening, Roland is happy to break bread with the Ownership and Executive team and share insights regarding what was seen during the tour of the communities. (Please promise you won’t give him an “Old Fashioned” or Coffee after 10 PM, even if he asks for it, as he has to be fresh to train your team the next morning!)
  • The next two days are for Roland’s fast paced, interactive and immersive sales training. This is the blue-chip training program that has launched the careers of literally thousands of new home sales people across North America. Taking the best training processes from past greats and updating and honing them from Roland’s in the trench’s real-world experiences and success; and then updating constantly for today’s ever changing market conditions.
  • This program is ideal for brand new beginners all the way to experienced pros. Roland combines a systematic lineal approach to sales that is barely even taught by others, combining it with a relaxed consultative style, based upon questions, listening, and connecting at the highest level. Yet always focused on leading the client to the successful conclusion of a sale.
  • Roland has personally sold almost one billion dollars of new homes, and only teaches what he has used himself, so salespeople respect his “Authenticity” as one of the “only” new home sales coaches who has actually succeeded at such a high level, and for so long. Originally from England, with that dry Brit humor, as well as a background with Screen Writing and storytelling; Roland has a unique way of ensuring that salespeople “laugh while they learn”, stay enthralled and embrace their own personal development.
  • Roland teaches either “The A-Z of New Home Sales”, which includes a massive training manual that is emailed in advance, or from Roland’s Book “The Mastery of Selling for New Homes”, and he will teach from the book itself. The A-Z of New Homes Sales training manual will be personalized to include the builder’s logo, name on every page, and include photos, and floor plans of their own models and homes. This training manual will become the foundational bedrock of the Builders training program.
  • The in-person training is interactive and fun and includes PowerPoints for better retention and light role playing.
  • The first day focuses on more of the softer selling skills and is ideal for On Line Sales Counsellors, the Design Studio, and Marketing teams as well as sales and management.

“I have been in new home sales for over 10 years and have had numerous trainers, and I can say that Roland Program is by far the best I have ever experienced! Roland is knowledgeable yet fun and creative.”

Robert Miles Bradshaw, Dream Finder Homes, Denver, CO

  • After the initial visit, there is an ongoing training plan that is taught monthly via Zoom to maximize the success of the training. Mastery is the repetition of the best practices, until these activities became engrained as habits. Roland and his team believe in “Perfect Practice”, and therefore have a sequential program to follow up the initial visit.
  • Each Zoom is live, interactive, and culminates in a Kahoot Game for fun. Since Roland and his team are seasoned new home sales professionals, they are able to delve deeper into salespeople’s real issues and remain flexible with the Zooms to ensure that we cover what is most relevant to each particular sales teams needs.
  • Roland has over 30 written programs that he and his team teach via Zoom, and they are constantly being updated based upon the current market, latest technology and trends to remain relevant.

“Roland is a great coach. Whether you are new or experienced, his training WORKS! What he has taught me has forever changed my professional career. Once you understand the techniques, you cannot unlearn what he teaches you.”

Kevin Miller, Miller Family Homes, Wichita, KS

"They both really loved the personal coaching! I think especially Chip needed some wind in his sails and you provided that. They both had an action plan that they implemented and both of them got sales in the last week, which led us to reach last week's goals!"

Terri Smith, Director of Customer Experience, Bosgraaf Homes

It is common for even the best salespeople to hit a rough patch. With that in mind we often factor in time for one on one “Remedial” Coaching. This has proven invaluable for many salespeople who have managed to identify what was broken in their process or mind set, fix it and begin selling again with confidence.

“I’ve been in new construction since 1989 and can honestly say that Roland’s New Home Sales Plus training is by far the best! The information is relevant and wonderfully delivered and the feedback from my agents was exceptional. This is an essential course for anyone in the industry!”

Jeff Knox, MIRM Sterling Homes, New York Development Group, LLC. Broker/Owner

During Covid Roland moved all of his training online. If a builder prefers only virtual training, then Roland has broken the A-Z into five modules that are taught virtually, for five weeks. This includes exercises in between each Zoom to maximizes learning. This is still offered if travel isn’t viable, and subject to the time being available. Of course the level of connection between Roland and the sales team is not as heightened if there is an in-person visit.

Roland virtual academy

“Roland is an exceptional trainer. He bring years of hands on experience to the table. Everyone in new home sales should spend time with Roland.”

Bruce Rosenblatt, Insight Homes, DE

Q: What do you do when you only hire one or two salespeople at a time, how do you get them trained?

A: We created the Virtual Academy for just this situation and allow one up to three salespeople per company and combine them with sales professionals from other builders all across the country. The A-Z of New Home Sales is broken into five modules, and just like the Private Zoom training includes three exercises between each session.

Each session is recorded, attendees can return one time within twelve months if they missed a session or would like to retake a module for deeper understanding.

Click to join Roland virtual academy

We are the “Only” New Home Sales Company to include the following benefits with
every program:

  1. New Home Sales App for Phones and Computers. Roland created the simplest mortgage calculator on the market today to allow salespeople to guide their clients seamlessly and then uniquely connect. Plus this patented APP includes other sales training techniques that are proving to increase sales for those using it.
  2. This App is not available for sale and is only used by New Home Sales Plus clients accessed via a secret code.
  3. Roland’s Infamous Big But pens, with wiz-bang highlighters.
  4. Foam Bam Apples to eradicate incorrect sales language.
  5. Personalized Graduation certificates.
Misc. Perks

“Take action every day, in the direction of your dreams.”

Roland Nairnsey

Sales training is about action and implementation, not sitting in a classroom. Just like when we learned to ride a bike or play an instrument, we practiced until we got it right. In order to ensure transformation and proper assimilation of the new sales processes, we roll up our sleeves for some fun, yet essential “Roly Playing” and coaching. In a friendly safe setting The team develop their confidence and increase proficiency in all aspects of the sales process. We Role play:

  1. ACT 1 -Greeting, Discovery, and Presentation – Includes Adapting and connecting
  2. Act 2 Demonstration and Narrow down to one of a kind
  3. Act 3 Closing and Objections
  4. Objection Workshop or Advanced Negotiation Tactics
Role playing

"Roland is fantastic! I love the training, but also that he shares the best of our video shops as well. It helps to see my peers in action while they are implementing previous training and succeeding."

Melissa Ehren, Shea Homes, Charlotte, NC

Video shopping


We suggest that the sales teams are shopped by an Independent Shopping company. The videos are sent to the salespeople to review, along with the objective New Home Sales Plus fillable scoring forms. The salespeople will watch their shops by themselves and fill in score sheets, and action plans. Roland, and the Builders Sales Manager will then meet with each salesperson for their formal review session, and watch their shops together, as well as fill in the same scoring form. Action plans will then be created for each salesperson.


After watching all of the shops, the training will be based the following day, upon areas that need to be worked on. We will discuss the areas to improve, as well as role play them at a more advanced level. We will show excerpts of the best shops to the whole team to inspire them, and prizes will be awarded for Best practices. Such as: Best Presentation, Demonstration, Closing, Managing Objections, and Best Overall shop.

This training cycle should be continuous, always improving and developing skills.

Training Chart

“Roland offers a through and concise playbook for handling the real life practical aspects of Rela estate sales. I’ve got 25 years of marketing, sales, and Real Estate experience, with extensive training and education and none of that matches the usefulness and portability of Roland’s approach. Plus his relaxed and engaging style set the perfect tone for absorbing complex ideas in a low stress manner.”

Jason Robbins, Coldwell Banker, Seacoast Realty, Wilmington, NC

Roland became a licensed Realtor ® about six months after Michael Jackson released the Thriller album, now that’s a long time! As a result he respects and understands the Realtor ® experience and often teaches groups of Realtors ®, some of whom work for builders and others who want to understand how to work with Builders more effectively. Either way Roland enjoys helping Realtors sharpen their sales skills and even has a program that in Florida earns 11 hours of Continuing Education Credit.

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“Roland is an amazing trainer, he had me laughing and learning. His experience selling homes brought real depth and value to his techniques for the sales process. Often trainers’ experiences aren’t in the same industry or of current experience. Roland’s program is awesome, structured but fun!”