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Roland Nairnsey

Roland is a “Sales Guy” who cares deeply about the experience of everyone that he works with and coaches. He has personally sold over 750 Million Dollars in new home sales, as well as coached thousands from all over the world to follow his proven processes. As a younger man he wrote a screenplay that starred world famous actor James Earl Jones, and he is still an avid movie buff. He takes great pleasure in writing all of his training material, and you will often hear him compare high level sales to a transformative movie or play. Roland is passionate about ensuring that he inspires all those that he and his team helps with his authentic, and often unique style of coaching and consulting.

Roland Nairnsey


Tom Daddario is a new home sales trainer who brings his more than 30 years of real estate experience to help coach our clients to success.  He specializes in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy that allows us to understand what is happening underneath the surface with our emotions, with proven sales processes to help coach sales people to maximize their success. This unique combination also helps elevate the client experience, as well as creating a meaningful bond with clients.

Tom Daddario

New Home Sales Trainer

Born in England and raised in Florida, Abi Licatino is constantly looking for adventure and finding it in all aspects of her life.  Her attention-to-detail, curious nature, and Criminal Justice degree landed her a job with the FBI as a covert support employee (she’d tell us more, but then she’d have to kill us), but she now enjoys spending time with her husband and children and using her analytical and organizational skills to keep the wheels on the New Home Sales Coach bus rolling.

Abi Licatino

Office Manager

Jackie Sayles, a former dancer, choreographer, and director, has spent most of her life building successful careers in multiple areas of interest.  From being the director at The Florida Centre a real estate relocation company,  and maintaining a successful real estate career spanning more than 30 years to being a published author and opening a tea room and Christian book store, Jackie has found success and happiness doing what she loves.  She now brings that entrepreneurial spirit to New Home Sales Coach where she helps balance the books and come up with new and interesting ways to reach out to prospective home building clients.

Jackie Sayles


Svitlana moved to Miami from the Ukraine in the mid 90’s with her troupe of musicians and dancers, and formed the successful South Beach Cabaret “To Russia With Love”. With a degree in Music, Svitlana is an accomplished music teacher, multi lingual singer, pianist and entertainer.  When you like the music, or the entertainment at our programs, please be sure to say “Spaceba” to Svitlana.

Svitlana Postemska

Special Events & Entertainment

Max is the man, and an integral part of New Home Sales Coach. As a younger lad he often spent weekends visiting construction sites and sales offices with his old man, and would have to endure coaching calls and protracted negotiations, while sitting in the back of the car. Far more analytic than his dad, Max is still quite the salesman, and is passionate about Cars, his Dad’s favorite football team Tottenham Hotspurs, and Fortnite.

Max Nairnsey

Mascot/“World’s Only 100% Closer”