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Archive for June 2018

Real Sales Training is About Action

When I get phone calls for new home sales training, my real goal as a teacher and coach isn’t just to provide a cute and funny program, but to help every single attendee develop and grow, and realize true transformation.  Whether you are a seasoned pro, a rookie, or, like most salespeople, somewhere in between,…

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The Power of the Apology

We human beings are strange and wonderful creatures. How many times have you been intensely angry at someone, either in your personal life or in business, and have held a grudge that you think will be impossible to overcome? Then, the person at which you are angry delivers a heartfelt apology.  All of a sudden,…

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Pre-Sell Homes Using My FREE eBook

Want To Sell Your Available Homes Even Before You Have Broken Ground? Our FREE eBook Will Help You Become a Sales Champion Learn how to leverage all of the digital tools at our disposal, with a complete Marketing and Sales Strategy, proven to work in today’s complex marketplace. This guide is packed with information, educational…

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