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Archive for June 2019

Learn the 4 Presentation Principles to Create Connection

The time has finally come! I am so excited to be releasing my first ever training video. I believe in sharing lots of content – “Stuff” – that will help you sell more homes now.  In our first video, I cover the 4 Presentation Principles to Create Connection. This is an excerpt from the many thousands of pages of…

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New Home Sales Specialist Spotlight: Julleanna Seely

During my new home sales training travels throughout the United States and Canada, I have had the pleasure of meeting many sales specialists that have impressed me with their hard work and dedication to finding the right home for every prospective homeowner that walks through their sales center doors.  They are the ones that embrace…

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How to Create Championship Winning Sales Teams

SALES MANAGER OR PROFESSIONAL PLATE SPINNER? Our job as New Home Sales Managers, and as head coaches of our franchise team, is to Evaluate, Recruit, Train, and keep your team Accountable on an ongoing basis. All of these activities are interlinked and should be occurring simultaneously. Sadly, we just can’t afford to relax and accept…

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