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Archive for June 2021

“FLIP IT!”….. How to Succeed in This Current Market and Deal with Challenges such as Price Increases, and Time Delays

I recently had the pleasure of watching the excellent movie biopic about the enigmatic and talented musical pioneer James Brown, played brilliantly by the late Chadwick Boseman. Many times during the movie when James Brown felt under pressure, he would say we’re gonna “Flip it”.  He would explain his vision (which didn’t always make him…

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The House That She Built with Kristi Allen and Mollie Elkman

If you haven’t heard the story of The House That She Built-then listen up! The Utah Chapter of the NAHB Professional Women in Building built a home in Saratoga Springs UT that was designed and completed by an all female crew. The goal for this home is to highlight women professionals, skilled tradeswomen, and women-owned companies…

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