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Educating Realtors ® is the Key to Consistent Sales Success and a Heightened Customer Experience

April, 18, 2024
Roland and Christa

Introducing Christa Swistak

By Roland Nairnsey

Christa is a highly successful Realtor ®, who specializes in New Home Construction in picturesque Saratoga Springs, NY.  I have had the pleasure of working with Christa and her fellow Realtors at Sterling Real Estate Group many times over the years and am always impressed by the level of professionalism and salesmanship displayed by Christa and her colleagues.  Led by Broker, Lisa Licata, who is a huge proponent of both New Home Sales Training and advocate for Realtor education, Christa has now developed her own course which she teaches to Builders and Realtors, at the local board of Realtors and Builders Associations in New York.  I bumped into Christa at IBS this year, as she was giving a talk to a captivated audience.  Since most of you reading this blog were not at IBS, I asked Christa to kindly share her some of her systems and processes with us, so we can all learn to create more sales, earn higher profits, and create a better customer experience with our Realtors.

Benefits of Builder Representation

Educating Realtors ® is the Key to Consistent  Sales Success and a Heightened Customer Experience

By Christa  Swistak CSP, SRS, SRES

In this competitive landscape of real estate, navigating new construction transactions can be both exciting and daunting for buyer’s agents and their clients.  Real Estate agents and Builder Representatives are constantly seeking innovative strategies to attract buyers and close deals.  One often overlooked but highly effective method is partnering with and educating buyer’s agents.  By empowering these professionals with knowledge and resources, builder representatives and builder real estate agents can not only enhance their own sales but also contribute to a more informed and satisfied clientele.  In this blog post, we will delve into why educating buyer’s agents is a win-win strategy for all parties involved. 

The Power of Partnerships: Collaboration is key in the real estate industry, and forming strategic partnerships can unlock numerous benefits.  By teaming up with buyer’s agents, builder representatives can tap into an extended network of professionals who are actively engaged with potential buyers.  This partnership creates a symbiotic relationship where both parties stand to benefit from the success of the home-building journey.

Empowering Buyer’s Agents: Representing buyers in these transactions requires a unique set of skills and knowledge to ensure a smooth and successful process for everyone involved.  Buyers are looking to have confident knowledgeable representation to guide them through this journey of building a new home. These buyer representatives play a crucial role in the home buying process, guiding clients through every step from property search to closing. However, staying abreast of market trends, legal regulations, and negotiation techniques is paramount to providing exceptional service.  By offering educational resources and training sessions, builder representatives can empower buyer’s agents with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their roles.   

Benefits for Builder Representatives: Educating buyer’s agents goes beyond altruism; it directly impacts the bottom line of builder’s representatives.  When buyer agents are well-informed and proficient in their craft, they are better equipped to match clients with suitable communities and builders alike, resulting in faster sales and higher satisfaction rates.  Moreover, a strong network of educated buyer’s agents can generate valuable referrals, further expanding the builder representative’s client base.

enhance client experience

Enhance Client Experience: At the heart of every successful real estate journey lies a positive client experience.  By educating buyer’s agents, builder representatives contribute to a smoother and more transparent home buying experience for their clients.  Well-informed buyer’s agents can address client concerns more effectively, set realistic expectations, provide valuable insights, and navigate potential obstacles with confidence, ultimately fostering trust and loyalty.

Building Industry Credibility: Demonstrating a commitment to education and professional development to others in your industry not only benefits individual agents but also elevates the reputation of the builder in the real estate industry.  By engaging in and endorsing continuous learning and collaboration, builder representatives contribute to a culture of excellence and integrity within the real estate industry, earning the trust and respect of clients and peers alike.

In closing, we are in an era where information is abundant, but expertise is invaluable.  The role of education in driving sales cannot be overstated.  By partnering with and educating buyer’s agents, builder’s representatives can leverage the power of collaboration to achieve mutual success.  This strategic approach not only enhances sales and client satisfaction but also strengthens industry standards and fosters a culture of continuous improvement.  In the dynamic world of real estate, investing in education is not just a smart business move – it’s a pathway to sustainable growth and prosperity!

christa contact info

Christa is one of the top 100 Agents (out of 4,000+ agents)  for the last several years in New York State. She has been able to share her knowledge, experience, and expertise in New Construction.  She is a Certified New Construction Specialist by NAHB as well as having been trained at the national level by trainers that specialize in New Home Sales.  In addition to this certification, Christa holds certifications as a Seller Representative Specialist (SRS) and Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) with the National Association of Realtors (NAR).  Christa is fully engaged and enthusiastic about collaborating with builders and Realtors alike to build relationships and provide education that keeps the new home construction building process seamless for buyers. Feel free to call Christa if you would like more info on her programs.

Introduction by Roland Nairnsey, Article By Christa Swistak CSP, SRS, SRES
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