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Roland Shares His 5 Steps to Building Trust with ECI|Lasso

February, 3, 2021

So, no one could have predicted what was in store for us in 2020, as we had quite literally never gone through anything like this before. Fortunately for all of us in the new home industry, we have enjoyed an unexpected housing boom due to a combination of people’s dissatisfaction with their current situation amplified by COVID, record-setting low-interest rates, and wonderful home values.

*This article was written by Roland Nairnsey and first appeared on ECI | Lasso.*

Working with builders all across North America, I have found that one of the “difference makers” between moderate and great success, is the ability for a company and its salespeople to communicate Trust.

As I like to say:

We could possibly be good at one without the other but become masterful at creating trust and following a proven process, and you will become unstoppable. Let’s look at this fun acronym to help us focus on how we can build trust.

T – Together

Let clients know that you are there to help them, and that whatever happens, you are in this together with them.

R – Relate

Become relatable and find common positive, shared interests. From kids, pets, sports, or hobbies, find common ground to connect you.

U – Understanding

Real understanding comes from asking great questions and truly listening, not crass sales pitches.

S – Solutions

Based on listening, you can now present solutions that clients will trust are about them. The more you adjust based upon what you have learned, the more effective these solutions will be. (Find yourself saying phrases such as “Based upon what you have shared, I can’t wait to show you…” )

T – Team

Be humble and build Trust for your whole company, not just yourself. Remember, it’s “we” over “me”; ultimately, clients are investing in your whole team and their ability to design and build their dream home.

So, in 2021 focus on what it takes to build genuine authentic Trust and I know you will continue to enjoy a prosperous, happy, and, most importantly, healthy New Year.

By Roland Nairnsey New Home Sales Plus

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