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IBS 2024 Building Knowledge Session, 12 Strategies for Mastering Negotiation in an Unpredictable Market

Posted: February, 29, 2024 | Categories: Events | Featured

I'm a speaker at IBS 2024 in Las Vegas this February 2024 with both a Building Knowledge Session but also a Learning Lab

Attend this Building Knowledge Session as part of the Sales & Marketing track during the International Builder Show on Thursday, February 29th from 10:15-11:15 AM.
Take charge of your sales process and hone the art and science of negotiation to boost your margins and safeguard profits. Explore methods for assessing your local market's demands, determining the necessity for a pricing and negotiation strategy, and identifying the most effective approach. Discover 12 tried-and-tested processes and systems that empower you to regain control of your circumstances, generate higher-margin sales and equip your teams with the essential negotiation skills for success in today's competitive landscape. Uncover strategies to drive profit growth and enhance the client experience while creating a sense of urgency for purchase through a proactive use of incentives, when appropriate, or structured negotiation room with clear parameters.
Learning Objectives:
  • Learn how to evaluate your market for the most effective pricing strategy.
  • Discover ways to create a win-win with increased sales, higher profits and happier clients and salespeople.
  • Uncover 12 effective and easy-to-implement strategies for selling in challenging market conditions.
  • Find ways to adapt your strategy according to each client's personality, culture and hot buttons.


Learn more about the International Builder Show this February 2024 in Las Vegas and register now by clicking the button below! I hope to see you there!


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International Builder Show 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada from February 27-29

By Roland Nairnsey New Home Sales Plus

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