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New Home Sales Plus Management Mastermind Group Onsite Meeting in Fargo, ND

Hear From Our MasterMinds: What It’s Like to be a Part of New Home Sales Plus’ Management MasterMind Group

 Last year, we established our Management Mastermind Group, where like-minded, highly motivated sales managers and directors with all levels of experience from our exclusive home builders coaching groups collaborate towards the common goal of excelling in new home sales. Since we began, our group of masterminds has been growing and our quarterly meetings have been filled with valuable, real world knowledge and eye-opening conversations.

Our most exciting meeting of the year occurs when we attend our annual onsite meeting, where we all head to one of our homebuilders’ cities to review their models, welcome centers, collateral, and overall sales experience. This year, we traveled to Heritage Homes in Fargo, ND on October 14 – 15, 2020 and we learned so much from a terrific line-up of amazing speakers and openly reviewed and discussed our entire group’s best practices. We even added a virtual option to allow more clients the opportunity to join us from home if they were not yet comfortable with traveling. Nathaniel Lemon, Owner of Smart Dwellings in Rock Springs, WY, summed up our onsite meeting best when he told us:

“We have attended a number of homebuilder seminars and listened to numerous consultants and experts, but the MMG group and training provided by New Homes Sales Plus has provided the most valuable information and training of anything in which I have participated. Much of the consulting advice we have received tends to be too big picture, out of context, and missing the fine details needed to implement anything of real value, but the training presented and organized by Roland has been exceptional in it relevance, specificity, and usefulness. The MMG group has been invaluable in providing connections to other builders who have shared a wealth of knowledge from the trenches that we have been able to implement effectively and quickly. The recent onsite meeting in Fargo was hands down the most productive and valuable trip I have been on, and I am so grateful for Roland for the opportunity to participate.”

Learn more about this year’s New Home Sales Plus Management Mastermind Group’s Onsite Meeting: https://rebrand.ly/NHSP-MMG-Onsite-Meeting-2020.

Want to join our group of masterminds? Contact Abi Licatino for more information on New Home Sales Plus and our Management Mastermind Group.

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