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New Home Sales Trainer, Roland Nairnsey, Returns from the 2018 International Builders Show

Roland Nairnsey is Back From New Home Sales Training at the 2018 NAHB International Builders’ Show

It was great to be back, teaching and sharing my thoughts on the top new home sales training stage in the country: the International Builders Show.

New home sales training at the 2018 International Builders' Show

From Left to Right: Shari Levitan, Jason Forrest, Roland Nairnsey, Stacey Hankin, and MJ Durkin

It has been many years since I last spoke at the Sales Rally, and after three years back in the sales trenches as Director of Sales for a prestigious luxury home builder, and a year back as a sales trainer, I was honored to be back and share fresh, relevant strategies and concepts proven to cause salespeople to connect, and sell homes intentionally and with purpose.    From communicating and connecting, to model demo with purpose, and “Close as you Go,” the program was fun and fast paced, and as always “chock-full-o-stuff” that will help salespeople sell more homes immediately.  Jason Forrest did an amazing job of assembling sales experts from all over the country and all mediums, and then like a magical cat herder, keeping us all focused and on track.

With my sartorially splendid and smartly dressed son, Max, at Sales Central.

Another huge highlight was having my family with me. After my big finish talking about the “World’s Only 100% Closer,” it was very special for me to see my nine-year-old son Max, dressed to the nines in the front row. It was especially touching when he stood up and the audience gave him a standing ovation. Needless to say, I was very proud of him.

Get the PowerPoint from the program by emailing me at Roland@newhomesalescoach.com. Please type Sales Rally PP in the subject line.

Sales Central

From Left to Right: Kerry Mulcrone, Mary Marshall, Roland Nairnsey, and Mollie Elkman

On the first morning of IBS, I was honored to be invited by Mollie Elkman of Group Two Advertising to speak on a panel, and address new home sales and management needs. For those who don’t know, Mollie took over her father Richard’s Philly based advertising company just before the downturn, and came up with a simple, innovative, and affordable social media program specifically for builders. It was a huge success, and to the best of my knowledge, Mollie was one of the pioneers, banging the drum about the importance of social media in new home sales, way before anyone else I am aware of. Her company is now hugely successful, and her cutting edge ideas are firmly part of the mainstream.

The panel was comprised of the charming Kerry Mulcrone and Mary Marshall of FPG.  We had a full house at Sales Central, and my esteemed peers did a terrific job of sharing smart and innovative new home sales training ideas to help manage and increase sales.

Get the top three ideas and answers to questions by emailing me at Roland@newhomeSalesacoach.com.  Please type SALES CENTRAL 3 OF THE BEST in the subject line.

At Sales Central with my friend, Myers Barnes

After the Sales Rally, I raced back to Sales Central, and courtesy of Myers Barnes, taught my program “The Game of Negotiation and How to Win It.” I have spoken with Myers, more times than I can remember. We always have a blast together, and I am a big fan of his high energy and great content. Now that he is focusing on his website company “Builder Designs,” Myers assembled a prestigious stable of the top speakers and experts, including Mike Lyon and Jason Forrest.

It was another packed house, and I discussed essential and advanced negotiation strategies, such as “Start high, stay high, come down slowly,” “Counter with an odd number”, use a “Negotiation Checklist,” “Give to Get,” and much more.

Get the PowerPoint by emailing me at Roland@newhomesalescoach.com.  Please type Game of Negotiation in the subject line.

Behind the Scenes at the Sales Rally

Roland Nairnsey preparing for Sales Rally

Thanks to Joe McGaw of the NAHB for this candid shot of me preparing for the Sales Rally.  For those that may think speakers just get up on stage and wing it, here I am going through my new home sales training PowerPoints one last time, making notes and praying that the right words and stories will flow at the right time.

All in all, IBS was a big success. I was able to teach, as well as reunite with old friends and make new ones, at the top builder program of the year. Please feel free to drop me a line to say hello or learn more about what I can offer in new home sales training.

I look forward to seeing you there next year.


Roland Nairnsey


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