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ECI Featuring Roland Nairnsey | Top New Home Sales Tips for 2024

November, 28, 2023
Top New Home Sales Tips for 2024

Kathy Thomas of ECI asked some of the top industry experts for their thoughts and advice on how to tackle new home sales in 2024. Roland was one of these experts! Find the link at the end of this article to read the full article from ECI.

Be a Fountain Not A Drain as Roland's guest post in ECI Top New Home Sales Tips for 2024 article

“Be a Fountain Not A Drain”

This inspiring quote comes from American baseball player turned commentator Rex Hudler. Rex is referring to the fact that fountains refresh, replenish, and bring life to those around them, whereas drains empty and deplete water and resources. In business and life, people who are fountains bring energy to their colleagues, they are positive and encouraging, and make everyone around them feel better. Whereas drains are negative, complain, and drain the energy wherever they are.

In 2024, given the complex nature of new home sales—high demand, a shortage of homes in most markets, yet rates on the higher side—it takes more skill, finesse and commitment than has been needed in over a decade. It is imperative to embrace the fundamentals, and be a sales leader, inspiring others, and not making excuses or “draining by complaining.”

As a leader, ensure that everyone on your team has a sales process that is both effective and replicable, and that they are comfortable with discussing mortgage payments at a high level and showing the numbers. It is time to roll up our sleeves and role play to make sure we are client-focused, asking insightful discovery questions, listening, adapting, narrowing down, closing, managing “big buts” and always moving the sale forward.

Don’t be afraid to evaluate with video shops and inspire the team by showing the best practices to the team. Build a solid foundation of success, be a fountain, and only accept salespeople that are striving to become the best and inspire others, and only accept the best from yourself.

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By Roland Nairnsey

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