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Virtual Academy - 2023

Posted: February, 3, 2023 | Categories: Events

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We now teach our Flagship Program The Newest A-Z of Home Sales, 100 % Virtually.

Each session includes the matching workbook and assignments. The workbook  will be emailed via PDF in advance of the program for you to print.

For attending all five sessions each sales people receive their own personalized graduation certificate.

There are five three hour sessions, which includes a fifteen minute break in the middle. Each session is recorded and is yours to keep.

You may return to the Virtual Academy and attend any of the five models for free within 12 months.



Seek First to Understand

  • Get to know everyone in an interactive opening conversation. Find out what they already know, listen, and discuss areas that they would like to learn.

How New Home Sales is like a Three Act Movie, ESP Essential Sales Path (Introduction)

  • Prepare for your role in New Home Sales & Develop a Professional Persona.
  • Act 1 = Greeting, Discovery and Presentation
  • Act 2 = Demonstration, and Narrow Down to one of a kind.
  • Act 3 = Closing, Appointment Setting and Follow Up.


Franchise Mentality (Unless we have covered this already with a Video Conference)

  • Treating New Home Sales like a Franchise opportunity. This includes a unique ten point “Franchise Check List.” *
  • Enthusiasm = I am Self-motivated myself.


Mastery of Communication 

  • Understand the three modes of communication, words, voice and body language.
  • Words – Review the ever-growing Dictionary of new home sales and communication verbiage and discuss why they work. (Also, have fun discussing what doesn’t work).
  • Voice – Discuss and role play.
  • Body Language – Understanding the huge role body language plays in new home sales, including adjusting for different personality styles, mirroring and matching, leading customers through a home and on home sites, and sitting down at the end of a presentation to close.
  • Listening Skills – Includes how to focus, using the customer’s name, Reflecting, Chunking and more.
  • Features and Benefits – Features Tell and Benefits sell.
  • Involvement – FBI selling ©


How New Home Sales is like a Three Act Play (In depth)

Act 1 = Greeting and Discovery

  • How to Build Trust,
  • The 30 Second Rule,
  • Body Language,
  • How to take control of your sales process,
  • Open ended questions,
  • How to Discover Customer’s Hot Buttons.
  • “You can’t close if you can’t open.” The opening concepts, as well as 5 Specific Discovery Questions, that when mastered are guaranteed to increase sales.


How to Use Numbers to Increase Sales

With interest rates and home prices increasing, it is imperative that sales people are able to guide clients and allay their fears with a basic understanding of financing. We will show the salespeople how to use the App NH SALES+ to help guide clients with the numbers and create consistent sales success.

Act 2 = Presentation and Demonstration

  • How to build the perfect presentation from the outside in.*
  • S.K ©
  • Plus 5 Unique advanced concepts to increase the power of your presentations and turn lookers into happy customers; including how to deal with the “just looking” customer.
  • “Lights Camera Action, 20 steps to a world class home demo” includes:
  • Numbering a floor plan, Going to the light,
  • Transferring ownership, `Choices = commitments = closes,
  • Close as You Go ©, Narrow down to One of a kind


Act 3 = Closing

More than fifty pages of original material geared solely around closing.


  • The benefits of asking for the sale – M.U.C.H.O. ©
  • How to create Authentic Emotional Urgency, Assumptive Closes, Alternate Choices, The World-Famous Puppy Dog Close, Hypothetical Close,
  • Roland’s unique 6 step Recap close guaranteed to increase conversion ratios.
  • Also, includes managing objections or “Are You Looking at Your Customer’s Buts!”


* The students will be given the assignment of writing their own presentation, based upon the simple 3-page step by step plan in the workbook, then emailed to Management and Roland for review and edit.


FREE USE OF NH SALES + APP                                                                                              

New Home Sales Plus has developed an APP, which includes a simple mortgage calculator and other training tools designed to help increase sales. This is proprietary to New Home Sales Plus and is only available to clients of New Home Sales Plus. Our Clients are finding that the use of this APP is helping their sales teams to increase sales.


All programs are on Fridays and are from 1:30 PM EST to 4:45 PM EST

(This includes a 15 minute break in the middle of the session)

PART 1 – February 3

Seek First to Understand, Create a Service Mentality, The New ABC’S, The Essential Sales Path, Franchise Mentality – Treating New Home Sales like a Franchise Opportunity, Introduction to Mastery of Communication, Words.

PART 2 – February 10

Body Language, Voice, Listening Skills, How New Home Sales is like a Three Act Movie (In depth), Act I = Greeting and Discovery, Discovery in depth.

PART 3 – February 17

Presentation Principles, KISS, Features and Benefits  & Involvement – FBI selling ©, Preparing the Complete Presentation.

PART 4 – February 24

ACT 2 = Demonstration, The power of The Model, Go to the light, Feel, Felt, Founds, Transfer Ownership, Go to the Light, Choices = Commitments = Closing, Close as You Go, Narrow Down to One of a Kind.

PART 5 – March 3

ACT 3 = Closing, Developing Your Closing Voice and Persona, Top Ten Closes +, Managing Objections, Create Your Destiny. PLUS: Graduation Ceremony with personalized certificate and Help Me Help You/Evaluation/Feedback, & Action Plans


To purchase your spot at our Virtual Academy starting February 3, click on one of the links below!

One Salesperson | $1,725
Two Sales People | $2,475
Three Sales People | $3,250

By Roland Nairnsey New Home Sales Plus
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