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Training, Coaching and Consulting.


Helping sales people increase sales and achieve incredible results.


Coaching new sales people and instilling successful sales habits.


Helping builders create measurable success.


Roland creates a comfortable, safe, and fun environment for students to practice with him, receive strategic coaching and perfect their skills. He works with every sales level, including Essential, Advanced, and Mastery levels. With our ongoing, long-term consulting agreement, your sales professionals will learn valuable and reliable processes to increase sales and develop long-term successes.


From larger sales teams to small, Roland and his New Home Sales Plus “Peeps” provide curriculum-based training proven to increase sales.

A complete immersion into the world of new home sales, The New A-Z of New Home Sales program is ideal for Essential, Advanced and Mastery level salespeople. The program begins with a video conference to prepare, followed by a 2 to 2.5 day onsite visit and wraps  up with another video conference to review what was learned and ensure maximum benefits.

Interactive, fast paced and fun, and accompanied by a 165 page training manual, and power point. This Blue chip program has become one of North America’s most popular new home sales training courses.

This program is also the foundational basis with our ongoing training clients, wherein we revisit the material, expand it and take it to a deeper level of understanding over time.

Upon request the workbook can be personalized with your logo, and name on the cover page, as well as photos of your actual homes, so that this training book becomes your very own company training manual.

This onsite training program is offered as a refresher course for salespeople that have already taken The New A-Z of Home Sales, as well as for new salespeople hired by our existing clients. This class is focused on the essentials and allows salespeople to get started effectively and easily.

After the initial A-Z and typically and at least three Video conferences, we come back and roll up our sleeves for some fun role playing.

Topics such as:

  • Presentation
  • Demonstration
  • Site selection
  • Objection Workshop
  • Closing
  • Negotiation

Roly’s Role Playing Rules: Safe. Fun. Rewarding

We only role play what we have covered already in training. All role playing is upbeat, positive and fun.

We reward the positives before we give candid feedback about areas that may need to be improved.

The Zoom calls are live, interactive, fun, and highly beneficial. These are usually hosted monthly and follow a lineal training strategy with over 30 current new home sales topics.

Every video conference has a corresponding Kahoot quiz, that the salespeople play on their phones. This ensures that the training ends with a light hearted competition that also helps commits the training material in their minds.

A new addition to our line, our Virtual Academy is for those that would like all of their training presented remotely and culminating in a unique virtual role play for graduation.

Our “Concierge Learning” breaks up The Newest A-Z of Home Sales into five different sessions.  You can register for any session you feel works best for your needs, or you can group them together to take advantage of a package discount.  Get the details on all of your sessions:

Or you can just register for all five sessions at once!

This structured review process has created transformation with salespeople all across the USA. Roland will sit with the manager and sales executive and review their secret shop using the New Home Sales Plus patented Video Shop Review form. Development of sales skill are ensured by creating a written action plan. Best practices are shown to the team as a training tool and prizes awarded.


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Roland visits and previews the “Sales Experience”, from model and move-in-ready homes, sales centers, signage, marketing props, and sales mapping. Roland then sends a written diagnostic with clearly stated solutions and objectives and follows up with an in-depth call to discuss.

Roland consults with owners and executive management to create cohesive sales and marketing strategies. Benchmarks are set and action plan items are measured and followed up with to create consistent sales success.

Monthly management coaching with goals, action plan, accountability, and measurement. Our patented R.A.T.E. system is used monthly to discuss Recruiting, Accountability, Training, and Evaluation, as needed.

Since a big part of new home sales management is coaching, we have developed a specific “Train the Trainer” curriculum and training plan ensuring that you have the coaching tools needed to educate and motivate your own team.

Roland takes great pride in being able to help you create the Perfect Client Experience. He will review your current sales experience and then work with you on the strategic client traffic flow, including placement of the sales props that will align perfectly with the sales training. This calibration between marketing and sales is integral to increasing sales conversion ratios consistently.



Roland and the New Home Sales Plus Team have compiled a library of forms and resources for almost every facet of new home sales. With over 30 forms to choose from, such as:

  • Complete Recruiting protocol
  • Traffic reports
  • “Connect” forms to elevate the intracompany client experience
  • Community checklists
  • Hot Prospect Coaching forms
  • And so much more!

These forms exist as either PDF’s, Online Fillable forms, or for our clients in a word document so that you can edit and personalize to your own needs. We are here to help you succeed at the highest level.


With Roland’s background in writing, he takes great pride in creating workbook material for every situation and facet of new home sales.

We have identified three levels – Essential, Advanced, and Mastery – so that we can maximize the levels of engagement and success with every single salesperson.

Currently, we have almost 40 different workbooks with different topics, all written in both “Community” or “On your Lot/Land” formats.

This annual program consists of:

  • Networking mixer at the International Builder Show
  • Quarterly interactive video conferences with like-minded, highly motivated individuals from our exclusive home builders coaching groups.
  • Visit to a successful builder to view models, communities,  and design studio. Plus enjoy networking and training.
  • Networking with a peer group of likeminded managers in the same industry from non-competing builders all over North America.
  • Personal invitation to optimal beachfront management retreat in South Florida.

This program allows its members to work towards the common goal of excelling in new home sales.  Share your successes, your failures, and have an open discussion on ways to improve your business.  The collective intelligence of this peer-to-peer group will offer sound advice and problem-solving capabilities not found anywhere else. 

The annual Management Mastermind Group will culminate with an optional luxury management retreat in beautiful, sunny South FL.


New Home Sales Plus - What Does PLUS Mean to You?

New Home Sales Plus has developed an APP, which includes a simple mortgage calculator and other training tools designed to help increase sales. This is proprietary to New Home Sales Plus and will not be available to the general public, only to on-going clients of New Home Sales Plus. The use of this APP will help your sales team to increase sales.

We keep video training tools for you on YouTube, to make training fun and informative.

“How to Sell New Homes” is a one-and-a half-day program (with 11 hours of CE credits in Florida). This has become a staple for Realtors® to learn how to sell more effectively, as well as understand the needs of home builders.

From Builder Association Sales and Marketing Councils to Broker events and National Award Galas, Roland cleans up nicely and will inspire your group with his unique blend of humor and enlightenment.

There are some world class consultants who specialize in these areas and who we would wholeheartedly recommend for long term programs in these areas. 

However, if you are working with us, Roland always invites Design Studio Consultants, Online Sales Counselors and Marketing Professionals to join us for the training.  Our most successful client experiences and results have come from this synergistic approach to training and coaching. Topics from Franchise to The Service Mentality approach, Communication and Connecting Skills, correct vocabulary, listening skills, personality styles and body language, Features and Benefits and much more, all apply to every facet of our business.

Everyone who talks with or meets with a client is part of our sales team. Born from Roland’s recent experience as Sales Director of a Luxury Home Builder, we have created a transformative coaching program for everyone in your company. Accompanied by workbook and PowerPoint, this upbeat interactive program is proven to bring the whole company together as a team and culminates with round table activities with action assignments to create bonding and ensure ownership of proven principles.

This program provides whole company training, from receptionist to owner and everyone in between, to ensure your customer receives an optimal home buying experience at every turn.

Many of our programs can be personalized to your sales and management needs. We call this Concierge Learning our New Home Sales Plus “PuPu Platter”.

We work with companies of all sizes across North America and have found that with sales training and consulting “One Size Does Not Fit All”!

Our process is to chat with you, listen carefully to your needs, and then help craft a Consulting and Training plan that feels personalized to your team and scaled to your needs.

Contact us with any questions or to set up a call with Roland Nairnsey to begin your customized new home sales training.