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Training, Coaching and Consulting.


Helping sales people increase sales and achieve incredible results.


Coaching new sales people and instilling successful sales habits.


Helping builders create measurable success.


An immersion into the world of new home sales, ideal for both beginners and experienced sales people. Taught over at least two days in person.

Roland creates a comfortable, safe, and fun environment for students to practice with him, receive strategic coaching and perfect their skills.

With our ongoing, long-term consulting agreement, your sales professionals will learn valuable and reliable processes to increase sales and develop long-term successes.

These programs are specifically designed to teach your staff the communication secrets and skills to help enhance the client experience, and build referrals.


Roland creates a comfortable, safe, and fun environment for students to practice with him, receive strategic coaching and perfect their skills. He works with every sales level, including Essential, Advanced, and Mastery levels. With our ongoing, long-term consulting agreement, your sales professionals will learn valuable and reliable processes to increase sales and develop long-term successes.



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A complete immersion into the world of new home sales, The New A-Z of New Home Sales program is ideal for Essential, Advanced and Mastery level salespeople. The program begins with a video conference to prepare, followed by a 2 to 2.5 day onsite visit and wraps  up with another video conference to review what was learned and ensure maximum benefits.

Covering everything from preparation and adopting a “Franchise Mentality” to perfecting communication skills, greeting and discovery through the essential sales path, model demonstration with a purpose, objections, closing, and much more.

For new clients this program includes a half-day community visit to allow Roland Nairnsey to get to know your company, communities, and processes.

This program is also the foundational basis with our ongoing training clients, wherein we revisit the material, expand it and take it to a deeper level of understanding over time.

Once the sales training begins, it’s imperative that your sales team has continuing education to hone their skills and keep their eye on the sales ball. Our monthly live video conferences are live, interactive, fun, and highly beneficial. These are usually hosted monthly and follow a lineal training strategy with over 30 current new home sales topics.

All workbooks are available in either a Community Sales or On Your Lot / Land Version.


    1. ACT I Review whole presentation – with notes
    2. ACT I – Greeting and Discovery – without notes
    3. ACT I – Macro to micro Location, Community, Builder Story – without notes
    4. ACT II – Model Demonstration
    5. ACT II – Narrow Down to One of a Kind
    6. ACT III – Closing and Closing Role Plays
    7. ACT III – Objections – Build an Objection Workbook with Top 10 Objections
    8. Appointment Setting – Title: “Appointment Strategy and Protocols”
    9. Follow Up – Title: “Follow Up and Nurturing Strategies”
    10. Advanced Closing – Title: “Developing Your Closing Persona
    11. Advanced Model Demonstration- Title: “Model Demonstration from Essential to Advanced” (Available with or without one page regarding Adjusting for Personality styles)
    12. Goal Setting and How to accomplish your sales Plan – Title: “Gratitude, Growing & Goals” (December or January Program, available with or without income goals.
    13. Creating Urgency – Title: “Creating Authentic Urgency to Increase Sales”
    14. Negotiating – Title: “The Game of Negotiation and How to win it. 18 Simple Rules to Increase Sales.”
    15. Building Value for our Builder and Differentiating– Title: “How to Build Value and Develop Your Unique Selling Propositions”
    16. Personality Styles – Title: “How to Identify and Adapt Part 1(Note: Best taught as a workshop, with lots of role playing in two parts)
    17. Personality Styles – Title: “How to Identify and Adapt Part 2” (Note: Best taught as a workshop, with lots of role playing in two parts)
    18. Controlling the Custom Home Buyer – Title: “How to Avoid the Customization Trap”
    19. Managing Your Franchise, Franchise Activities and Prospecting Part I – Title: “How to Run Your New Home Sales Franchise”
    20. Managing Your Franchise, Franchise Activities and Prospecting Part II – Title: “How to Run Your New Home Sales Franchise”
    21. Physiology of Selling and narrowing down to one of a kind.
    22. Advanced Closing – Title: “Advanced Closing and the Big Three Objections – Time, Money, and Competition”. (Workshop)
    23. Advanced Discovery & Involvement – Title: “How to Involve, Engage, and Connect.” (Workshop format)
    24. Referrals and Improving the Customer Experience (Workshop).
    25. Understanding the Competition and Developing your Builders brand
    26. Video Shop Preparation – Title: “Lights, Camera, Action – Preparing for Your First Video Shop Review”
    27. Parade of Homes – Title: “How to Sell Successfully During a Parade of Homes”
    28. Covid Created Workbook – Title: “How to Sell Successfully During a Crisis”
    29. Virtual Selling – Title: “How to Master the Art of Selling Virtually”
    30. Using The NH Sales + APP and Using Numbers to Make Sales
    31. Hot Prospect Coaching– (Review detailed Hot Prospect form and create Action Plan as a Group. This can be added to any program or handled separately depending on the time allowed).


For training to be effective we recommend that you Train with New Home Sale Plus during the Video Conference and then practice with your own team for thirty days, until perfecting the topic and skill. Evaluation at the end of the thirty days is suggested.


The new home sales plus mission statement is “Educate, Motivate, Inspire”. As much as we try to make the training fun and involve the team, there are certain modules where the feedback is that they are not entertaining. Specifically our research shows that the “Prospecting” and “Follow Up” Video Conference modules receive the lowest positive feedback from sales team.

The goal of the training is to have the salespeople implement what we teach and transform their careers by creating consistent success. As Benjamin Franklin said:

“Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

We have found that the success of these programs improves exponentially with the involvement and leadership of the managers. As teachers, we recommend that you review the material before the video conference and help encourage the team members present to become involved, ask questions and share examples of their successes in the areas discussed. After the Video conference we recommend you review and practice the material, until each sales team member becomes comfortable and implements the processes and strategies. The companies that do this have enjoyed the greatest success and long term transformation.


Role playing is available with Roland. This usually takes place in much smaller groups for more effectiveness.

Topics Include:

  • Act 1: Greeting, Discovery and Presentation.
  • Act 2: Demonstration and Narrow down to one of a kind.
  • Act 3: Closing. Objections. Negotiation. Appointments.


With sales people that have fallen behind in either sales, attitude or both and the manager would like to help them get back on track; Roland provides one on one coaching with the manager and salesperson. Recently a builder in Texas had two salespeople who went through the private coaching and were able to go from lowest in sales to top two in their division, within two months of the private coaching1

Every video conference has a corresponding Kahoot quiz, that the salespeople play on their phones. This ensures that the training ends with a light hearted competition that also helps commits the training material in their minds.

After the initial onsite training, this onsite visit allows Roland and the sales team to visit existing model homes and role-play everything already learned in the previous programs.  Coaching salespeople through every step of the process, Roland offers sound advice and “real world” guidance to coach each team member to success. He and his team of new home sales experts also keep it upbeat, positive, and fun. We reward the positives before we give candid feedback about areas that may need to be improved.

Want to see if your sales team is applying their new home sales training with their clients?  Once your team has been through a significant amount of training, we will  recommend Video Shopping companies to video shop your sales team.  Roland then reviews the footage with your sales manager and individual salespeople and offers coaching and guidance on different ways the sales team can improve. Rewards are given for best in shows and clips shown to other team members to inspire them. Most importantly, written action plans will be created for areas to grow and improve.

This onsite training program is offered as a refresher course for salespeople that have already taken The New A-Z of Home Sales, as well as for new salespeople hired by our existing clients. This class is focused on the essentials and allows salespeople to get started effectively and easily.

New Home Sales Plus has developed an APP, which includes a simple mortgage calculator and other training tools designed to help increase sales. This is proprietary to New Home Sales Plus and will not be available to the general public, only to on-going clients of New Home Sales Plus. The use of this APP will help your sales team to increase sales.

A new addition to our line, our Virtual Academy is for those that would like all of their training presented remotely and culminating in a unique virtual role play for graduation.

Our “Concierge Learning” breaks up The Newest A-Z of Home Sales into five different sessions.  You can register for any session you feel works best for your needs, or you can group them together to take advantage of a package discount.  Get the details on all of your sessions:

Or you can just register for all five sessions at once!


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The sales process begins with the way your company presents itself in your communities and model homes.  Roland will meet with you and explore your model homes communities, signage, marketing, and sales process. He will then provide a detailed and elaborate written evaluation with guidance as to how you can better represent your company to prospective clients and create the processes needed to increase sales.

Meet via phone or video conference once a month to enjoy a huddle call at a regularly scheduled time, to discuss a variety of sales metrics and decide the best areas to focus on in the weeks ahead.  Review sales goals, strengths and weaknesses, and how to implement the correct strategies to arrive at your goals. This includes candid evaluations of communities, plans, pricing, and people. Also review and plan for the upcoming Sales Video and upcoming Video Conference.

As well as the structured monthly call, many clients like to have more frequent access to Roland and his new Home Sales Plus team of experts. As situations and needs arise, we encourage you to be proactive and reach out to discuss topics integral to the successful running of your new home sales business.

Typical topics are:

  • Sales props and collateral
  • Sales office layout, as well as the flow of incoming traffic
  • Campaigns to increase sales for Grand Openings, Grand Close Outs, Designer Showcase Homes, etc.
  • Compensation, incentives, and bonus plans
  • Recruiting – Utilize our proven and simple to follow New Home Sales Plus’ 11 step plan. By appointment, Roland will help interview your top sales candidates as needed. Roland will review their DISC and then provide a detailed written overview of the interview, candidate, and conclusion
  • Pricing Strategies and Incentives
  • Management situations as they arise

Sales Managers lead the way to success for your sales team.  This program provides that personalized training for managers. This 60 page training manual contains the wisdom of the management and training leaders, along with Roland’s thirty years of “in the trenches” new homes experience to help guide managers to success. Learn daily franchise activities for you and your team, how to run successful sales meetings, hot prospect reviews, and much more.

Your sales will soar with the best proven strategies.  This program was specifically created to guide owners and managers on putting together a star sales team using four steps: Recruit, Accountability, Train, and Evaluate.

 Forms: The manual includes much needed forms, such as a Community Checklist, Traffic and Appointment report, Hot Prospect forms, Connect forms, and more.  All these forms are available separately or in fillable format, and can be personalized with your company logo.   

Delivery:  Roland can teach this class either:

  1. In person at your location
  2. Via video conferences
  3. Visit with him in Miami

If you visit South Florida, the trip will include a visit to luxury sales centers in Miami to see examples of how marketing, sales training, and “sales mapping” work together to choreograph an exceptional client experience.

The great companies recognize that their sales managers’ most important role is as a “Coach”. With that in mind, we have created an ongoing “Train the Trainer” program, with monthly live video conferences, accompanied by a workbook that guides the weekly and monthly coaching and training activities.  Not all managers know how to be a coach, so this informative and educational program will help create the coaching skills designed to instill the best sales habits in your sales team.

Forms: Ongoing clients have access to our complete library of forms such as:

  • Community Checklist – 5 page checklist to guide your sales people to responsibly run their own New Home Sales Franchise.
  • Traffic and Appointment Weekly Measuring Report – Review your traffic and source, as well predict future success with appointments and hot prospects all on one convenient form.
  • Hot Prospect Coaching forms – Teach your sales people to create the best sales habits by understanding every important detail and motivations about their hot prospects. Then help them create a detailed action plan resulting in more sales and improved sales habits.
  • Connect Form (Inter Office Insights) – Designed for everyone in the company who will deal with a client, from Design Studio, Builders, Mortgage Company, admin to understand what motivated the clients to buy, what their hot buttons are, and most importantly what to focus on in order to Connect every time.

All of these forms are available in an online fillable format and can also be personalized with your company logo.

Plus: Sales Office Design and Traffic Flow – Professionally designed plans to show the perfect garage converted to a sales office layout, including fencing for traffic and location of essential sales props.

This annual program consists of:

  • Networking mixer at the International Builder Show
  • Quarterly interactive video conferences with like-minded, highly motivated individuals from our exclusive home builders coaching groups.
  • Visit to a successful builder to view models, communities,  and design studio. Plus enjoy networking and training.
  • Networking with a peer group of likeminded managers in the same industry from non-competing builders all over North America.
  • Personal invitation to optimal beachfront management retreat in South Florida.

This program allows its members to work towards the common goal of excelling in new home sales.  Share your successes, your failures, and have an open discussion on ways to improve your business.  The collective intelligence of this peer-to-peer group will offer sound advice and problem-solving capabilities not found anywhere else. 

The annual Management Mastermind Group will culminate with an optional luxury management retreat in beautiful, sunny South FL.


These programs are specifically designed to teach your staff the communication secrets and skills to help enhance the client experience and build referrals.

There are some world class consultants who specialize in these areas and who we would wholeheartedly recommend for long term programs in these areas. 

However, if you are working with us, Roland always invites Design Studio Consultants, Online Sales Counselors and Marketing Professionals to join us for the training.  Our most successful client experiences and results have come from this synergistic approach to training and coaching. Topics from Franchise to The Service Mentality approach, Communication and Connecting Skills, correct vocabulary, listening skills, personality styles and body language, Features and Benefits and much more, all apply to every facet of our business.

Everyone who talks with or meets with a client is part of our sales team. Born from Roland’s recent experience as Sales Director of a Luxury Home Builder, we have created a transformative coaching program for everyone in your company. Accompanied by workbook and PowerPoint, this upbeat interactive program is proven to bring the whole company together as a team and culminates with round table activities with action assignments to create bonding and ensure ownership of proven principles.

This program provides whole company training, from receptionist to owner and everyone in between, to ensure your customer receives an optimal home buying experience at every turn.

“How to Sell New Homes” is a one and a half day program (with 11 hours of CE credits in Florida). This has become a staple for Realtors® to learn how to sell more effectively as well as understanding the needs of builders.

Many of our programs can be personalized to your sales and management needs. We call this Concierge Learning our New Home Sales Plus “PuPu Platter”.

We work with companies of all sizes across North America and have found that with sales training and consulting “One Size Does Not Fit All”!

Our process is to chat with you, listen carefully to your needs, and then help craft a Consulting and Training plan that feels personalized to your team and scaled to your needs.

Contact us with any questions or to set up a call with Roland Nairnsey to begin your customized new home sales training.



Real transformation, takes place with practice, and actually doing. Roland creates a comfortable, safe, and fun environment for his students to practice with him, receive strategic coaching and perfect their skills, so that they can sell more, and with confidence. What separates Roland and his New Home Sales Plus team is that they actually believe in coaching. They like nothing more than to roll up their sleeves and get in the field with their sales team. Roland likes to lead by example, and demonstrate skills by showing how well they can be implemented.


We take the concepts from the Model Demonstration Experience Classroom training and practice together in your Model Home. We will walk around the model numbering the floor plan, planning what feature benefit and Involvement question to ask. Then informally role play with the sales team, in a safe comfortable environment to maximize retention. Roland will also, show the managers how to coach and role play with their team, in a gentle but effective way. Every single sales person will practice the transition from demonstration and siting to the actual sale and learn to create muscle memory for “Asking for the Sale” every time.


We will role play the salesperson's Recap Close sitting around a table, to ensure that we develop their "Closing Confidence". The role player will ask for the sale and then Roland will voice an objection, they will manage it and ask for the sale again using a different technique. Roland may choose to adapt his personality style to help the salesperson grow, and to help them connect with all types. After 5 requests for the sale, Roland will agree, causing the salesperson to have "muscle memory" for closing the sale, in their own voice.


Roland will work with your team as they list all the objections that they typically hear. They will then sort them into categories. Then they will confirm the step-by-step formula for managing Objections. They will pick the most important Objection from each category, and then create answers as a team, these will be agreed upon and documented and put into their objection workbook. This will begin the creation of your company's Objection workbook and training manual, and give the team confidence when dealing with commonly heard objections.