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Become a Boo-tiful New Home Sales Closer

November, 1, 2018

Proud Poppa Moment with the World's Only 100% Closer

Good Afternoon!

I’d like to start this month’s newsletter on more of a personal note. As some of you may know, I try to bring my family with me whenever possible when I travel. If you were at the 2018 NAHB International Builders' Show, you may have seen my wife, Svitlana, and my son, Max, making the most of their time in Orlando FL.

I have to say, I have never been more proud of my son than at the show when Quint Lears, host for, interviewed him for being the World's Only 100% Closer! It was his first interview and he did a magnificent job letting people know the importance of giving back to our community. You can watch the video and see how his hard work allowed him to raise $150 for the American Heart Association.

Aside from this great interview, this newsletter is also filled with new home sales training information. Read on to learn about:

  • The Four Steps to Develop a Championship Sales Team
  • How to Ask For the Sale If you read something that you find especially helpful, remember to pass along this newsletter to your colleagues.

And, of course, if at any time you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. In the meantime, watch Max in action!

Watch the Video.

Did You Miss the Builder Designs Podcast on Building Your Sales Team?

It's podcast time!

I was happy to join Matt Riley and Brandon Barelmann in a podcast for Builder Designs earlier this month to share my Four Steps to Develop a Championship Sales Team. This podcast was specifically created to guide owners and managers on putting together a star sales team using my four steps: Evaluate, Recruit, Train, and Accountability. Listen to the full podcast to get the breakdown of these four steps and understand how building your team is more of an ongoing process and not a one and done scenario.

Blog Spotlight: All You Have To Do Is Ask

Some of the training tips I share don't just work in the new home sales world. Once you get a good feel for the process and learn how to truly develop a relationship with your prospective clients, you'll find that you can utilize these tips in many situations.

That wasn't more evident to me than when I went to the gym and met a great personal trainer/sales man in Rich. He was the epitome of what I teach on a day-to-day basis, including the key to success which is learning how to Ask For The Sale!

Learn How to Ask for the Sale.

By Roland Nairnsey New Home Sales Plus

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