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Our Name is Changing Which is a Real Plus +

October, 24, 2019

Take Action Every Day, in the Direction of your Dreams.”

-Roland Nairnsey

To explain, when I started the company, we thought that New Home Sales Coach perfectly summed up what we did. Now, after seeing how much we have grown in just under two years, we realized that we are providing much more than just coaching, and so have been seeking a name that more accurately depicts what we do.

“The Path to Success is to Take Massive Determined Action.”

-Tony Robbins

I love this quote and thoroughly concur with Tony Robbins that success is about taking action. At New Home Sales Coach, we constantly challenge ourselves to grow, always looking to develop and improve what we do. With that in mind, we have been busy creating so many new programs and exciting new delivery methods to help us provide comprehensive services to builders and salespeople all across North America.

With our new name, our goal is to become the number one resource for builders, managers, and salespeople worldwide. As Norman Vincent Peale Famously said:

“Shoot for the Moon, Even if You Miss, You’ll Land Among the Stars.”

Here is a top ten list of all the things we have created that will be incorporated under our new Plus umbrella:

  1. Resources

We now have a full library of resources, ranging from more than thirty new training workbooks to a plethora of industry forms for almost every situation and measurement to help you consistently increase your sales.

Click here if you would like to review our current library of topics and receive some free stuff too!

Please understand that our resources are always growing, as we typically add at least one new workbook every month after taking clients deeper and deeper into more advanced topics, relating to sales and communication.

  1. Consulting

Candidly, I spend as much time consulting with owners, sales directors, and managers on sales, pricing, and marketing strategies that are proving to increase their sales and profits as I do on sales training and coaching for their team. Therefore, the Plus applies to the amount of time spent consulting as opposed to only coaching which has become a natural progression of our services.

  1. Technology – App & Training Games

We introduced our new APP, NHSales+©, which is the only APP we know of in our industry designed specifically to help new home sales people and Realtors® increase conversion ratios, in many cases quite dramatically. Plus, we have added fun and interactive online quizzes to our video conferences.

  1. Videos

We just released the third video in our series relating to Mastery of Communication and have heard wonderful feedback, with viewers stating that these videos are a helpful tool for salespeople to learn some more “stuff” and sell more homes. Our fourth video in the series will be released in November and we plan to continue making many more videos in the near future to guide sales teams to success.

Thanks to my wonderful marketing director, Arelys, we have officially created our own YouTube channel. Please go there and subscribe to have access to free and fun training videos for you and your team.

  1. Books, Articles, Blogs, & Webinars


My new book - Mastery of Closing - is nearing its official release and we look forward to being able to provide a whole library of essential sales training material to you and your teams. All books will also be released as audio books, so you can fit new home sales learning into your busy schedule and relax with my soothing dulcet tones wherever you are. ??

We have also written articles for Pro-Builder Magazine, Zillow, NAHB, and The Florida Homebuilders Association, becoming more and more of a recognized authority in our industry.

Our blogs are released monthly and always present our uniquely experienced voice relating to a variety of essential sales and management topics within home sales.

We have also joined many industry webinars from the likes of Lasso, Builder Designs, NAHB, and the NAHB 55+ Counsel to expand our reach and assist more real estate industry professionals.

  1. Management Mastermind Group (MMG)

[caption id="attachment_2013" align="aligncenter" width="637"] Matt Evans, operations manager at Red Door Homes of NC and Clint Miller, owner of CMC from Wichita, about to enjoy the delicious paella at the Eagle Homes of Virginia MMG Spring 2019 event.[/caption]

Our Mastermind Group is actively running, with members participating in quarterly video conferences, engaging in our private Facebook group, and, of course, enjoying our first meeting at Eagle Construction in Richmond, VA. This group of masterminds presents a unique opportunity to communicate with a select community of successful peers from within our industry.

  1. Collaboration

[caption id="attachment_2014" align="alignleft" width="216"] Roland and Jane Meagher, owner of Success Strategies and nationally recognized Design Studio expert and consultant, at Jane's program in New Jersey.[/caption]

Due to my thirty plus years in New Home Sales (I know I look too young), I have been able to work with and identify some of the true experts within our amazing industry. We don’t believe in receiving referral fees, nor do we push, however we take great pleasure in only recommending the Blue Chip companies that are proven to do excellent work for other builders with whom we work.

  1. Additional Sales Training

Although New Home Sales is what we know about from our firsthand experience, we have also provided sales training for Realtors®, apartment leasing, hospitality, and even medical sales. The more we spread our training message, the more we realize that the best communication, connecting, and selling practices are interlinked.

  1. More New Home Sales Trainers

We added an amazing trainer, Tom Daddario, to our team.  Tom has a lifetime of experience managing teams and making sales from local, family-owned builders to national builders.

[caption id="attachment_1423" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Tom and Roland at Shea Homes in Charlotte NC, with sales stars Doug, Emily, Jamie, and Kasey.[/caption]

Not only is Tom a great new home salesperson and an experienced manager, he is also a licensed coach in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), so he understands connection at the deepest level. Our “Pledge of Authenticity” is that:

We will only train your sales team with

coaches who have excelled within our industry at the highest level,

in both good markets and bad.”

[caption id="attachment_2026" align="aligncenter" width="501"] Tom teaching some his NLP magic.[/caption]

  1. The Most Important PLUS

Having said all of that, the real and most important PLUS is YOU! 

We couldn’t do anything without you and your support, and nothing makes us happier and more excited than to hear about your successes.

Our focus is on how can we help you excel and be the best that you can be in all that you do; and for us that is the biggest and most important PLUS.

So please let us introduce you and the world to our brand new logo, and we hope to enjoy a new era of helping salespeople improve and enrich their lives and empower those around them with the help of New Home Sales Plus.

By Roland Nairnsey New Home Sales Plus

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