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Will New Home Marketing Flip for AI?

May, 3, 2024
John Lee founder and CEO of Anewgo

Introducing John Lee

By Roland Nairnsey

I am so honored to be able to share industry insights and wisdom from my friend and colleague John Lee. So many of the clients who we work with are “Raving Fans” of the myriad of services provided by John and his  Anewgo team. John was on a memorable panel at IBS 2024, discussing how Al will be improving our industry, so I asked him to share some of those insights with all of us. Please enjoy this cutting-edge blog from New Home Sales Tech Guru and thought leader, John Lee.  

John is the founder and CEO of Anewgo, a New Homes Marketing software company. Anewgo serves about 450 builders and its mission is to make a new go of the New Homes Shopping Journey by enabling buyers to collaboratively find, design, experience, and buy New Homes online. Anewgo creates renderings, virtual tours, interactive design apps, websites, and sales kiosks.

Virtual Buyers' and Sellers' Assistants may completely reverse the way Builders market their homes online

Virtual Buyers’ and Sellers’ Assistants may completely reverse the way Builders market their homes online.

Will New Home Marketing Flip for AI?

By John Lee, Founder & CEO of Anewgo

AI Flips Marketing from Seller-Centric to Buyer-Centric

Switches from Pull to Push Marketing

Instead of bringing the People to the Product (Pull), AI brings the Product to the People (Push) - like Uber.  This appropriately puts the Buyer first. Pulling Demand and Pushing Supply should go hand-in-hand based upon each Buyer’s unique needs, wants and constraints.

Historically, Builders started with Pull Marketing because top-of-funnel Classified Ads or Search Engines couldn’t provide the Personalized Experience and Engagement for effective Push Marketing. This is because Search Engines don’t have access to product information on builder websites – and even there, the website content was generic and static. This forced shoppers to go through exhausting multi-step, multi-channel, online-to-offline shopping journeys. Only when they are deep in the funnel does the Shopper and Builder know if it was a good match.

seo, social, portal funnel, pull marketing

Push Marketing was thus forced down to mid-funnel to be handled by OSCs who filtered prospects to separate good, bad and ugly leads, and then bring the right products to each good lead. This Pull-first approach is like using search engines and social media to attract an audience to a restaurant. Then, sommeliers using Push marketing to expertly recommend great wine pairings.


AI Transforms Marketing from a Funnel to a Flywheel Approach


AIO/Buy-Cycle Flywheel

1. Use search engines, social and portals to Attract Audience to website (Pull) 1. AI uses data to do both Push and Pull Marketing online
2. Use website to Engage Prospects and move them down the funnel to meet OSCs who bring products to them (Push) 2. PEDALS: Personalization drives Engagement generates Data feeds AI curates Leads converts Sales improves Personalization


AIO buy-cycle flywheel

From People to AI doing the Shopping

Today’s Marketing: People do the Shopping

Attract Audience and Direct Them Where and How to Shop

  • No DTC (Direct-To-Consumer) Marketing
    • Because Builders can’t reach shoppers directly, they must advertise on Search Engines and Portals to direct buyers to their websites
  • Websites Direct Buyers Where and How to Shop
    • No website search engines
    • So shoppers must manually navigate to search homes. Need navigation menus, instructions, filters, buttons, links, scrolls to guide buyers to communities and homes. Every website is different. Terrible on mobile. Especially with i-frames and link-outs.
    • Content and channel designed for human eyes, emotions and actions
    • CTA is register to be contacted by OSC who then directs them to Community Salesperson
  • Shoppers go to Community Sales Centers
    • Start anew with sales presentation kiosks
    • Meet Salesperson
  • Repeat Disconnected “Channel Surfing” Process until Find New Home
    • Builders pay for this painful journey and experience
  • Builders pay expensive upfront advertising to drive traffic
    • Anonymous 3rd-party traffic
    • Google going cookie-less
    • Double-paying for Portals and Search Engines, keep bidding for higher rankings.
search engine vs buyers portal

Tomorrow’s Marketing: AI does the Shopping

Buyer Directs their AI to Shop for New Homes

  • Enables DTC (Direct-To-Consumer) Marketing via AI Surrogate Shopper
    • AI doesn’t need to go through Search Engines and Portals
    • Instead of a Classifications approach with keywords and decision-tree chatbots, shoppers take an open-ended Expression approach with AI Conversations to express needs, wants and constraints. 
    • AI not only brings the products to the Buyer from portals, websites and sales centers, but also general and expert information from across internet. Collects, synthesizes and composes content from disparate sources into a personalized conversation.
    • AI notifies the Buyer of new matches and availability. No FOMO.
  • AI Acts as Buyer’s and Seller’s Assistant
    • AI shops for Buyer 24/7 multi-modally (textual, verbal, visual) in multi-sessions across multi-channels and in multi-languages
    • AI helps Seller predict and optimize personalized Marketing campaigns
  • AI Sees Things Differently
    • Search Engines, Portals and Websites were designed for human eyes. Human eyes need text, buttons, links, menus, filters and scrolls to navigate. They need attractive fonts, colors and images to engage.
    • AI doesn’t need navigation guidance. It goes straight to the requested content and collects, synthesizes, and personally delivers it to its owner multi-modally.

AI converges Marketing and Sales Online so Buyer’s/Seller’s AI Virtual Assistants can move Shoppers down Personal Buyer’s Funnels

AI Virtual Assistants utilize different types of AI to move buyers down each stage of the shopping journey and funnel. It acts on behalf of both the Buyer and Seller to guide the process to improve the Customer Experience while Maximizing Profits.

  • Generative AI: Initiation/Production (New Top of Funnel)
  • Predictive AI: Recommendation/Personalization
  • Conversational AI: Collaboration/Consultation
  • Optimization AI: Comparison/Direction
  • Transaction AI: Convenience/Conversion
ai functions for buyers' agents and sellers' agents

AI First Steps

Make Everything Smart Interactive Personalized (SIP)

  • Requires Interactive Apps with interactive and personalized content
  • AI-Friendly/First

Create Buyer’s Portals

  • For personalized website content and shopping cart that traverses channels and can have AI and human conversations.

Collect Multi-Faceted Data

  • No Data. No AI.
  • Buyers are not one-dimensional. Especially if have Co-Buyers.


Watch a full presentation of these concepts and much more at:

To contact Anewgo with any questions, or to enquire how they can help you transform your sales experience, please visit

Introduction by Roland Nairnsey, Article By John Lee Founder & CEO of Anewgo

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