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New Home Sales Plus Case Study: Alvarez Construction

New Home Sales Plus Case Study Client: Alvarez Construction Date: July 2020 Interviewee: Matthew Perry Title: Director of Sales and Marketing New Home Sales Plus Interview 1. When did you first hire Roland and his New Home Sales Plus team? Two years ago . 2. What were your goals when you contacted them? Develop and…

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Now is the Perfect Time for Recognition and Reward Programs

“People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition, praise, and rewards.” -Dale Carnegie Research shows that the number one motivator for sales people isn’t money, but recognition. After the many months of negativity and stress that most of us have gone through, now is the perfect time for you to introduce a…

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Tips to Sell in a Virtual World: Watch, Listen, and Learn

Using Neuro Linguistic Programming to Help Sell More Homes, Even Virtually: What is Eye Accessing We thought it would be a wonderful treat to have New Home Sales Plus Sales Trainer and Licensed NLP Coach, Tom Daddario, share some of his techniques in a new blog series to introduce everyone to Neuro Linguistic Programming. This is…

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What We Learned Last Week: 3 Top Tips From Our Mastermind Group

We had our quarterly Mastermind Group Zoom meeting with managers and owners from all across the country last week, along with a few special guests.  With twenty building companies of all sizes being represented, we had a lively open discussion as to what we are doing that is working, as well as what doesn’t work.…

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Free White Paper: “We’re All in This Together”

This blog has some great insight, but if you want to skip straight to the White Paper, please be our guest. Currently, we are in the early stages of an international crisis. While we have been through downturns and crises before, this is certainly unique since it is brought about by a health issue. Fortunately,…

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Welcome to the 1st Annual New Home Sales Plus Film Festival

We’ve thought long and hard about additional ways we can help new home sales people develop their strategies for sales success.  We provide on-site training as well as coaching via interactive, live video conferences and we also try to create helpful content through our blogs, newsletters, and our YouTube video series, but we wanted to…

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