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Featured: Check Out Our Webinar with Lasso CRM to Benefit Sales Teams

By Abi Licatino

Creating a winning sales team and maintaining its success is no accident. Lasso CRM invited renowned New Home Sales Coach and Consultant, Roland Nairnsey to take part in a webinar that teaches sales teams how to build and maintain consistent sales success with strategies and processes proven to work in today’s market. The role of top…

Featured: Check out Our Podcast on Developing Championship Sales Teams with Builder Designs

By Abi Licatino

This week, I had the honor of joining Matt Riley and Brandon Barelmann during the Builder Designs podcast to pass along some knowledge on the Four Steps to Develop Championship Sales Teams.  This episode is so jam-packed with information, Builder Designs decided to dedicate the entire episode to this one sales topic. The four steps to…

Featured: Check Out Our Webinar with Lasso CRM to Double Down on Sales Success

By Abi Licatino

Roland is back with Lasso CRM, teaching sales teams how to master their sales presentation from the moment their prospect walks in the door! In this special, 2-part Lasso Webinar, Kimberly Mackey and Roland Nairnsey will deal you a winning hand of tools and tips to make the sales process seamless for your prospects. You’ll…