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2020 New Home Sales Plus Film Festival

Welcome to the 1st Annual New Home Sales Plus Film Festival

We’ve thought long and hard about additional ways we can help new home sales people develop their strategies for sales success.  We provide on-site training as well as coaching via interactive, live video conferences and we also try to create helpful content through our blogs, newsletters, and our YouTube video series, but we wanted to provide a platform to engage with our clients and new home sales friends.  Then we came up with our 1st Annual Film Festival!

Our Film Festival allows new home sales people from all across North America to send their sales training videos to us as part of our contest.  Our panel of experts – aka the New Home Sales Plus team and industry guest judges – will view them and award prizes in multiple categories as both an educational and fun way to advance your sales!

Our 1st Film Festival will focus on New Home Sales Plus’ Act One: Greet, Discovery, and Presentation.  These videos will need to show how you or your salespeople present your location, community and lifestyle, builder, and homes to your clients. Once your video has been planned and recorded, you will need to add it to our Annual Film Festival Dropbox folder for review:

  • Click on this link
  • Drag your video file to the folder
  • You’ve just submitted your video!

We will then get a notification of your submission and will begin reviewing your video.  Videos will be moved to another folder during review to eliminate the possibility of anyone viewing other submissions.

Upon your submission, you will receive our Annual Film Festival agreement to review and sign.  Your submission will only be reviewed upon the signing of this agreement.

Our esteemed panel of judges will then review all videos and award prizes. Awards will be given for the following categories:


  • Best Discovery
  • Best Presentation
  • Best Communication
  • Most Promising Rookie  
  • Grand Plus Award for Best Overall Film


  • Most Creative
  • Best Costume(s)
  • Most Promising Rookie
  • Grand Plus Award for Funniest Film

The award-winning videos will then be added to the New Home Sales Plus YouTube page to show off your skills, creativity, and fun.

Submissions for the Annual Film Festival are already underway. Participants will have until April 30, 2020 to submit their videos to us for review.  Get planning!

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